Will it be awesome?


What is it?

A two-year research program.

First year: Seminar

Explore up to four issues in-depth, becoming an “expert” on them.

Complete a team project, an individual paper and a presentation.

Take an AP exam

Second year: Research

Submit academic paper on the topic of your choice

Defend your work through a presentation

Take AP exam

Who teaches it?

Mr. Woodard teaches both years.

Why take it?

  1. You want to challenge yourself.
  2. You want to become an expert on a few self-chosen subjects.
  3. You want to set yourself apart.
  4. If you pass both Capstone tests, and pass four other AP tests, you will earn an “AP Capstone Diploma”. Colleges such as Duke, MIT and UW have stated their excitement about the Capstone project (see flier).

What courses does this class fulfill?

The junior year Capstone class fulfills the requirement of senior year social studies. That is, if a student takes Capstone their junior year, that student does not need to take CWA or Civics during senior year. Some students have elected to take Capstone junior year, and to take AP US History senior year.

The senior year of Capstone is simply an elective right now, but we are working on that too.

How much homework will it be?

The course will be designed so that much of the class time will be spent in the library, so that research and writing can be mostly completed in class.

Will the senior year Capstone class fulfill the culminating project requirements?


Can I sign up for the senior year without signing up for the junior year?


Will this class help me with my other classes?

The skills you learn are VERY similar to the skills learned in junior AP English Language and in APUSH, and I believe that student scores will rise on both of those tests. Furthermore, this class will prepare you very well for PICI as well.

May I take this class if I am a full-time running start student?

Yes, full time Running Start students can take one class at LC and still maintain a full college load.

Is there a summer assignment?


A final word: This class is not for everybody. We are only going to have one section. 30 students max. This class is for students who have a powerful curiosity. This class is for students who want to graduate with MORE than a diploma. This class is for students who want to truly set themselves apart in the eyes of prospective colleges.

If you have any questions, please post them to the site and I will answer them ASAP!


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