Research task

We will be researching the following question: which is more important, national security or privacy?

You will research BOTH sides, and be prepared to argue either side.

We will spend today (Wednesday) in the library gathering articles. The Pocket thing doesn’t seem to be working well, so my suggestion is to email the articles to yourself at your SCHOOL email address. That way, you can access the articles from anywhere you have an internet connection: school, home, and mobile devices.

BY THE END OF THE DAY TODAY (Thursday), please print the four best articles you found. If you get them printed before the class is over, begin reading and annotating them.

On Monday, you will gather in groups to begin formulating and finalizing good arguments, concessions and refutations for each side. You will be taking notes and formulating good arguments for each side of the debate. Make sure during this notetaking time that you note the source whence each piece of information came.You will also be filling in any holes in your research.

If all goes according to plan, we will debate next Tuesday.

Afterwards, you will each be writing an argument using the sources we have gathered, so keep track of your materials.


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