Security/Privacy assignment

Your goal today should be to write a thesis and at least one body paragraph. I assume you will need to briefly talk to your peers about sharing research. However, you must stay focused and work the entire period.

By the end of the day tomorrow, you should have finished three body paragraphs. By the end of the day Thursday, you should be finished with your draft. By the end of the day Friday, you should have a Works Cited page, and your paper should be in MLA.

I am going to make a suggestion. Wait to write your introduction until you are done with your body paragraphs. Often it gives your introduction more focus.

And here is the assignment sheet I put on the board yesterday: paper assignment

And here is a draft of the rubric I am creating for your paper:

-gives relevant background information and creates interest
-thesis is clear, nuanced, and reasonable
-paper is organized to support thesis

-are reliable
-convey thorough research

Body paragraphs
-clear topic sentence
-paragraph stays focused on the topic sentence
-sentences flow/are connected to each other
-quotations are integrated
-2:1 rule
-paragraph uses at least 3 different sources
-topic sentence is well-supported – that is, the paragraph “proves” the topic sentence

-Concession truly presents a strong opposing argument
-Refutation treats the opposing side with respect

-all sources are cited
-sources are cited properly
-paper format (heading/margins/page numbers/etc.)  is correct
-Works Cited is properly formatted


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