October 30, 2014

1. Please go to the following link, www.collegeboard.org/apcapstoneportfolio, log in with your College Board account, and request enrollment in my 4th period Seminar class section.

2. Begin searching for TOPICS for your research question. If you need something to get your juices flowing, go to the Global Issues site.

3. Formulate your curiosity into a research question. Remember, the research question must:

  • Not be too answerable:
  • Be researchable:
  • Not be too broad…
  • …but will be broad enough to lead to a group paper of about 10 pages
  • Have multiple perspectives (won’t lead to a “report”)
  • Lead to a genuine debate

4. Find library databases here. Find your EBSCO database here.

5. When you have formulated a few research questions, post them here.


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