November 3

Your goal today is to do research with your group. Be very mindful to research reliable sources. The best place to find reliable sources is on databases like ProQuest or Ebsco.
By the end of the day, you should have:

1. Refined your research question to make it more precise.

2. Have discovered multiple lenses and perspectives within those lenses. To do that, you must RESEARCH. Don’t THINK about the topic. READ about the topic, so you know the various points of view on that topic.

As a reminder, the lenses are: Social, Environmental, Ethical, Futuristic, Political, Artistic, Cultural/Philosophical, Economic.

After you have spent the entire period determining the perspectives on your topic, go to this site to enter your revised research question and a summary of the multiple perspectives you found on the topic.

If you need a reminder of how to find multiple perspectives within a lens, see the website entry for October 31.

Miss you all! See you tomorrow! Hi Mr. Escott!


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