Group Paper/Presentation

Thursday 11/13: Read materials

Friday 11/14: LIBRARY Complete your research. Over the weekend, read your sources. You should have at least six sources, and you should have read through most, if not all, of them by Monday.

Monday 11/17: Gather with your team and prepare to begin writing your portion of the paper. You will probably have some time to read

Tuesday 11/18: LIBRARY Final research/reading day

Wednesday 11/19:

First, I will hand back your NSA papers. I want you to read the entire thing, including my comments. Then, on the back of the last page, I would like you to write a paragraph describing what you need to improve on your next paper. I will be conferencing with you over the next few days.

Second, begin OUTLINING your paper (create subheadings)

Thursday 11/20: LIBRARY While I conference with you individually, finish outlining and begin writing.

  • Use MLA citations
  • Include an introduction that states your research question and delineates the portion of the question your individual paper seeks to answer.
  • As you draft, use subheadings to keep your paper organized and focused.

Friday 11/21: LIBRARY Begin writing in class. I would like to see a draft by the beginning of class on December 2. This seems like a long way away, but it only gives you four class days to write. However, over that time, you will have six days at home to write. So, use your time wisely in class, but you will almost surely need to work on it a little at home too.

Monday 11/24: LIBRARY

Tuesday 11/25: LIBRARY

Monday 12/1: LAST DAY IN THE LIBRARY. Complete your draft.

Tuesday 12/2: (When the bell rings, have a printed copy in the room. PLEASE do not ask to go to the library and print your paper after class starts. And don’t wait until lunch to print it off.) In teams, edit each other’s drafts.

Wednesday 12/3 and Thursday 12/4: LIBRARY Make fixes to your draft in the lab, filling in research holes and making sure your final draft is as good as possible. Have your final draft ready by the end of the period on Thursday.

Friday 12/5: LIBRARY Begin putting your team’s paper together.

Monday 12/8: LIBRARY Finish putting your team’s paper together.

Tuesday 12/9: Begin planning your team’s presentation

Wednesday 12/10 and Thursday 12/11: Finish presentation

Friday 12/12: Schedule presentation dates/Impromptu presentation practice

Monday 12/15 to Wednesday 12/17: Presentations. On your presentation date, turn in your group paper.

Thursday 12/18 and Friday 12/19: LIBRARY Write reflections. Add them to your individual paper and turn in.


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