Possible questions after your presentation

From the Capstone Syllabus:

Sample Oral Defense Questions
Here are some examples of the types of questions your teacher might ask you during your presentation. These are examples only; your teacher may ask you different questions, but there will still be one question that relates to each of the two categories below.
1. Source selection and use
›› What information did you need before you began your research, and how did that information shape your research?
›› What evidence did you gather that you didn’t use? Why did you choose not to use it?
›› How valid and reliable are the sources you used? How do you know? Which sources didn’t work?
›› How did you select the strategies you used to gather information or conduct research? Were they effective?
›› How did your research question evolve as you moved through the research
process? Did your research go in a different direction than you originally planned/hypothesized?
›› What information did you need that you weren’t able to find or locate? How did you go about trying to find that information?
›› How did you handle the differing perspectives in order to reach a conclusion?
2. Extending argumentation through effective questioning and inquiry
›› What additional questions emerged from your research? Why are these questions important?
›› What advice would you have for other researchers who consider this topic?
›› What might be the real-world implications or consequences (influence on others’ behaviors or decision-making processes) of your findings? What are theimplications to your community?
›› If you had more time, what additional research would you conduct related to this issue?
›› Explain the level of certainty you have about your conclusion, solution, or recommendation.
›› How does your conclusion respond to any of the other research or sources you examined?
›› How did you use the conclusions and questions of others to advance your own research?


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