The next two weeks

TODAY: By the end of the day, submit your team members’ names and your research question here.


By the end of the day Thursday, each person should have a rough Works Cited of 10 sources. You should have a goal of each team member having ten different sources.

You should also have printed those sources so you can begin to read them over the weekend.

MONDAY, 2/2: Bring your printed articles. We will be in the classroom. You will have all day to read and annotate your sources. You should have all ten sources read by the beginning of the period Tuesday.

TUESDAY 2/3: Meet with your team in the classroom to discuss what you found and to share sources. Very importantly, this is also the day you begin to formulate topic sentences for your individual paper.

WEDNESDAY 2/4: Meet in the library to fill in any holes in your research.

THURSDAY 2/5: Meet in the classroom where I will give you a Works Cited mini-lesson. Then we will go to the library to work on your Works Cited.

FRIDAY 2/6: By the end of the day today, I should have a copy of your Works Cited. Also, I should have a copy of your revised research question and the topic sentences for your paper. This will be the blueprint as you begin writing next week.

We will begin composing on Monday, 2/9.


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