March 20

Hello! I am on the road to Yakima, so I need you to work on your own today.

First, please submit your papers to the Capstone website. I have figured out a way to return your papers to you if you have submitted a final copy. However, I might not be able to do it until this weekend. So please email me at to let me know if you need to resubmit after you have submitted your final copy.

Also today, it is VERY IMPORTANT that you work toward finalizing your research question. That means you should spend the day (and some time this weekend) researching your question to make sure it is a rich topic that could yield a 3000 word paper. Make sure the topic has varying perspectives and lenses.

Scroll down a bit to find the link to submit (or resubmit) your research question. I expect you to be able to finalize your question on Monday.

And if you have submitted both of your papers…CONGRATULATIONS!!!


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