Friday, April 24

Ready for the push to the finish line?

Presentations begin on Monday at lunch.

Your paper also needs to be submitted by Monday. I will be spending much of the day on Tuesday grading, so it is CRUCIAL that you submit by the end of the day Monday.

Take a look one more time at the rubrics. They are on pages 6-10 of the following document: AP Seminar Rubrics

This weekend, PLEASE have someone you trust read THE RUBRICS and YOUR PAPER to ensure you have done the best job you can do. Obviously, if you can have more than one person read your paper, all the better.

Also, if you are presenting on Monday, please practice your presentation over the weekend. It should be 6-8 minutes, and I will ask you two questions afterwards.

You can do this. Remember the muffins. One set of footsteps. Wind beneath my wings. This weekend will be busy, I know, but I will buy you food next week as a reward 🙂

On a personal note, you really are an amazing class, and I enjoy hanging out with you every day.

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