May 12

First, go to the link below and watch your presentation. Score your presentation using the rubric.

Then, watch the presentation of the person whose name is directly after yours. Score his/her presentation too. This is FEEDBACK. It is not a grade. Help the person improve by scoring the presentation using the rubric, and by giving at least TWO PIECES OF POSITIVE FEEDBACK and at least ONE SPECIFIC SUGGESTION FOR IMPROVEMENT.

Then, go to this page:

You will need to “sign up” (link in the top right corner) and “join course” (green button also in top right corner).

Most likely, you will not have much time to start the course, but if you have time, begin on the introduction.

As the professor introduces the course, he says that posting videos is optional. For what we are doing, I would like you to post the videos and do the full course.

BONUS: If you would like to do some watching on the go, there is a Coursera app for iPhone and Android.


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