Debate topic

In order to practice public speaking, let’s have a debate!

I found a fascinating topic that I hope you find fascinating too. It’s called “basic income.” What it means is that some are proposing that the government give every person a check (maybe $1000) every month, giving them a minimum basic income. Sounds great. And unworkable. Right?

A lot of smart people like the idea. And others think it’s a bad idea. Read a basic overview of the controversy here:

Then, begin exploring the pros and cons of the issue in the following articles:



YOUR TASK: Prepare to argue EITHER side. On Monday, I will let you know which side you are supposed to debate. So today and tomorrow, gather information and notes that will allow you to argue BOTH sides using valid information. On Monday, I would like to see one page of notes for EACH side. Please make sure to cite your information. And you may also do your own searches–you do not need to limit yourself to just the sources I provided.


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