September 17 — 21st-century peer editing

In your group:

Share your document with the other members of the group by:

  1. Right clicking on the name of the document and selecting “Share”
  2. Typing the gmail addresses of your group members.

Then find the link on the left that says “Shared with me” and open a group member’s document.

Click on the button on the upper right that says “Editing” and change it to “Suggesting”

Begin reading the document and make suggestions to improve it. Remember, I want you to look closely at embedding quotations, attribution and explanatory links. If you want to make a change, just go ahead and change it right there in the document.

If you want to make a comment on a portion of the text, highlight it, select control+alt+M and a comment balloon will pop up. Type a comment in the box and click “Comment”

SIDE NOTE: I know it’s tempting to watch in real time while others make comments on your paper, but please wait until your partners are completely done to look at your paper.


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