Thursday, October 15

  1. Get into your teams and take 5-10 minutes to discuss the lenses of your research question
    1. Scientific, Economic, Ethical, Political/Historical, Futuristic, Artistic/Philosophical, Cultural/Social, Environmental
  2. TENTATIVELY assign lenses to group members. Remember, some lenses may not even BE a part of your paper, and some of them will be LARGE parts.
  3. Spend 15 minutes browsing on Google about your lens. Save links you think may be useful in your class Google Drive folder.
  4. Spend another 15 minutes browsing on EBSCO ( Save the titles of useful articles in your Google Drive folder.
  5. Reconvene with your group and discuss what you found. Reassign/change/add/omit lenses as necessary.
  6. Go to this link and, under the name of the group member, type the lens(es) that member will be researching and writing about. This can change later, but have a tentative assignment today. Please do this by the end of the period.

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