Thursday, October 29

  1. Start a new file called “Task 1 Draft” in the GDrive folder you shared with me.
  2. Type your research question and your lens(es) at the top of the document.
  3. Gather with your team to consider what your topic sentences will be for your 3-4 page paper. In your draft, I want the first sentence of every body paragraph to be a clearly stated subclaim that the paragraph will support with evidence.
  4. Considering that well-developed paragraphs might average a half page, you should shoot for 4-6 topic sentences at this point.
  5. Type your topic sentences into “Task 1 Draft” by the end of the day today.
  6. These need not be “final” — you may change them as you draft. But these sentences should provide a map for you to begin your draft.
  7. A draft of your IRR is due next Friday, November 6.

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