Monday, November 2

  1. First, go into your folder on GDrive and change the name of your shared folder. You can right-click the folder and select Rename. Title it your last name, then your first name, then portfolio. My folder would be called Woodard, Eric Portfolio.
  2. Second, please make sure that everything you want to share with me is in that folder. The shared folders you are using are difficult for me to find, and I cannot grade what I cannot find.
  3. Third, please make sure every file has the proper name. The file name of the annotated bibliography document should be Annotated Bibliography. I’m not talking about the title within the document. I’m talking about the name of the document itself.
  4. Consult with your team and make sure you have solid topic sentences.
  5. If you are still searching for a source or two, one of the BEST places to look is in the works cited/bibliography of the sources you already have. For instance, look at this source. The source list at the end provides great places to look for other sources.
  6. Remind yourself of the work we have done over the last two months, and focus on the things you need to do to write strong paragraphs. You should have and resolved the comments I have made on your previous assignments in your GDrive folder (especially the last two – dual article evaluation, and social media). If you would like to look at already-resolved comments, make them appear by clicking on the “Comments” button on the top right of the page.  As you read, remind yourself of the things you have learned, and need to keep in mind, about writing quality paragraphs.
  7. Remind yourself of what the rubric is looking for. (Read the first five entries for Task 1, Component 1)
  8. Begin writing your paragraphs on the Task 1 Draft file. Don’t begin a new document — use the document with your topic sentences to type your draft. A solid draft is due on Monday, November 9. We will be working with the assignment in class next Monday, so your grade will be entirely based on what you bring to class on Monday. No late work will be accepted on this assignment.
  9. As a general rule, when you cite sources in your paper, it should be by the last name(s) or corporate author. For a brief overview, see here.
  10. As an aside, I would consider writing your introduction LAST. The introduction is for your reader, and it should outline what the paper will be about. You don’t KNOW exactly what shape the paper will take until it is finished, so it makes more sense to me to wait to write the introduction. However, some people need the focus of writing an introduction, so you can if you like. It’s just a suggestion. 🙂

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