Tuesday, November 10

  1. Share your draft with every member of your team
  2. Open a team member’s draft, and click the button on the top right that says “Editing”
  3. Select “Suggesting”
  4. As you read the report, consider the following parts of the rubric. Make sure the report
    1. discusses various perspectives and draws connections among those perspectives
    2. explains and summarizes information and provides a solid analysis of the line of reasoning
    3. analyzes evidence gathered from sources and explains why they are credible enough to support the argument.
    4. cites sources
  5. Read the draft. You can make corrections directly on the draft. If you have a comment to make in the margin, highlight the text and either:
    1. Right-click and select “Comment”
    2. Type “Ctr+Alt+M”
  6. When you are done, discuss the draft with the author.
  7. If you have time, edit another team member’s draft.
  8. YOUR HOMEWORK FOR THURSDAY! Resolve all the edits on your draft and have a better draft here on Thursday.

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