December 7

Before we begin: I have had two people discuss transferring out at semester. Sometimes something has to go, and for a few of you, it might be this class. I have a lot of sympathy for the student taking 5 AP classes, and if you’ve decided you can’t go on in my class, I understand. If that is the case, I need you to talk to your parents and your counselor and make the decision THIS WEEK. We will begin forming new groups at the beginning of next week, and I need to know your decision in order to form the groups.

The first thing I would like each of you to do today is open your team paper.

Read the paper, making adjustments to the final document. Make sure it is readable, and that the conclusion is a logical response to the paper’s findings. Make sure it has: the proper running header; the proper title page; proper citations; a proper references page, beginning on its own page, with entries alphabetized.

I’m assuming this will take about a half hour. If you notice any major malfunctions with your paper, discuss with your team how you are going to fix them tonight.

With the last 15 minutes of class, we will open this document together. Read the presentation rubric on page 5. You will begin creating your presentations tomorrow. We will have all week on the computers to work on the presentations. Due to our weird schedule, we will create the presentations before break, but present them to the class after break.

Presentations should be 8-10 minutes long. All group members should be involved equally. After your presentation, I will ask your team what are called “oral defense questions.” All group members should be prepared to answer one of these questions at the END of your presentation .


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