Teams for Project 2

I have spent two hours putting this together, and my brain is fried. I will look at this again tomorrow morning, but I think this is pretty close to what the teams will look like. I can change it tomorrow, and I might move a person or two, but this is about right. Come see me tomorrow BEFORE SCHOOL if you need to discuss the teams.

For various reasons, I prefer teams of five. One reason: having only one lens allows you to explore multiple perspectives of one lens. You can go deep rather than go wide with your research and writing. Second reason: the group paper will be easier to write, as you can choose to only include the BEST from the group.

4th period

Naylor, Caruso, Meekhoff, Huang, Jones

McGuinness, Rodgers, Asplin, Williams, Steinbach

Terrell, Frandsen, Kindl, Mangum-Turner, Anderson

Bailey, Stromberg, Ralston (I know this is a group of 3, but I can’t really figure out another person that meets all your criteria. If you have an idea for a 4th, see me before class.)

Hindman, Greene, Beck, Miner, Stewart

5th period

Vilar, Haines, Cleary, Anderson

McGovern, Farley, Robison, O’Brien, Campbell

Brown, Carter, Read, Derby, Blake

Greer, Gillmer, Sowers, Kinsella, Burchett



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