REAL team project

You are technically starting your AP test today. That is, you will be assessed by the College Board based on your References page (among other things). Therefore, I cannot give you line-by-line feedback. In essence, your annotated bib is part of the test. I can tell you whether it is right or not, but I cannot tell you exactly what to fix. That would be giving you the answers to the “test.” The exact wording, according to the course description, is that teachers may not “provide, assign, distribute or generate, research questions for students. Teachers may not conduct or provide research/articles/evidence to students. [However, I may use my super-login to simply print articles for you.] Teachers may not write, revise amend or correct student work. A teacher may not provide specific defense questions to students prior to their oral defense.” [However, I can give you the list of POSSIBLE defense questions.]

Therefore, I will be giving your annotated bib a score next Wednesday, but I will not be able to give feedback on GDrive. PLEASE help each other make this bib look just right. Also, use the information found above on the “APA Format” link.

Use all three class periods very wisely, and PLEASE skim/read your sources at home as well.


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