January 13

1st: Read and edit a team member’s annotated bibliography. Please use the “APA Format” link at the top of the Capstone page to check their work.

Use this time also to learn about what your team members are doing with their research.

2nd: Meet with your team to discuss how you are organizing your individual paper.

3rd: Look over Rubric 1.1 to remind yourself of what the paper is supposed to be. Some highlights:

Overall, provide CONTEXT for your question and lens by

  • discussing various perspectives and making connections between them
  • providing a detailed analysis of the line of reasoning of at least one source
  • establishing the relevance and credibility of your sources
  • accurately attributing and citing all sources in APA format

4. Begin outlining your individual paper. Think about what each paragraph is going to look like. Make sure each paragraph has one main focus.


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