Monday: Notes on the Annotated Bibliography

Monday: I would like you to put your References page at the end of your paper. Remove the annotations and leave only the citations. As you complete your references page, please proofread for the following:

  • If a source puts a name or title in all caps, change it so that it is capitalized normally.
  • Make sure to double space your entries in the References page.
  • The first line of each entry on your References page should be flush left, and the second/third lines should be indented five spaces.
  • Alphabetize the References by the first letter of each entry.
  • For a newspaper article, include the entire date in parenthesis in the References page. For everything else, just put the year in parentheses.
  • Look at the APA FORMAT link at the top of the page, ESPECIALLY how to cite a source with no author.

When you are finished, read your entire paper, making edits as you read. However, your main goal is preparing to complete your introduction and conclusion. In your introduction:

  1. Create interest in the reader.
  2. Give background the reader needs to know.
  3. Give an overview of the question the paper will explore.
  4. You do NOT need to create a thesis. You are analyzing and evaluating multiple perspectives, NOT proving a claim.

In your conclusion:

  1. Give an overview of the perspectives presented.
  2. Give an overall summary of what the perspectives add up to. You do not need to develop a recommendation or a thesis. Just give a basic idea of “what it all means.”

Have your introduction and conclusion written by the beginning of class tomorrow. What that means is you should have a complete draft, with the References page at the end.

ALSO: See comments on your presentations here:



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