The second component of your individual paper is the reflection. Here is what the rubric says your reflection should include:

The reflection insightfully explains the initial views of the problem and the approach to conducting research and solving the problem.
The reflection also describes consideration of extensive revision in writing and thinking, based on discoveries made during the research and writing process.
This is not rocket surgery. The reflection should simply be 800 words in which you reflect on the process of this paper from the beginnings of developing a topic all the way until you finished your individual paper. I would like you to READ YOUR ENTIRE PAPER TODAY, INCLUDING THE REFERENCES PAGE (making edits if necessary) AND BEGIN YOUR REFLECTION. Finish this as soon as possible, while the process is (relatively) fresh in your mind. In fact, if you have time tonight, please finish a draft. Please type it in Google Drive, name it “Reflection,” and have it completed on Friday.

Notes on your previous Reflections:

Here is the basic idea of a reflection: “I used to think this. Something happened. Now I am different. This is how I think differently–how I am different and how it will affect me in the future (on future projects).”

The reflection is about how much you changed and you grew. What did you learn, and how did you change over the course of the process? It is MORE THAN A SIMPLE CHRONOLOGY. For instance, one student wrote, “while editing my own research question, I gained insight for how to edit the group question as well,” and then stopped. Don’t just TELL me that you gained insight, SHOW me the PROCESS of gaining that insight, and tell me what the insights are–that is, what you learned for next time.

Here is an example of a reflection that could be improved: “when my group met to talk about lenses, we discovered that writing an essay on the futuristic or artistic aspect of this would be rather difficult. So we decided on writing on the scientific, social/cultural, ethical, and economical side of things. I chose to write on the ethical side of this.” What this is lacking is any reflection on how this process changed the student. What did you learn about, say, choosing a topic or dividing a topic into lenses that will help you on your next paper? Don’t just tell me what happened. Tell me what you learned that will make you a better researcher/writer in the future.

The reflection should be about ONLY your individual paper. Do not discuss the group paper or the presentation.


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