The first day of your team paper

The first thing I would like you to do today is open your IRR and resolve any edits that your readers have made. This will make your draft look clean. This should take five minutes or so.

Next, begin talking to your team about the answer to your original research question. What IS the answer? Don’t answer it too simply. Find the complexity, but think about what conclusion or recommendation you will come to at the end.

Once you determine that, write it down.

Now, think about WHY you came to that conclusion. What research did you find that was persuasive? What perspectives were most logical? This less about your lenses and more about coming closer to an answer and SUPPORTING that answer using your research.

Now that you have thought about it, think about how you are going to organize your support. Which perspectives/arguments do not really relate to your answer? Which ones are crucial? It may even be useful to print your papers, cut them into paragraphs, and think about how it would be best to organize those paragraphs. Create piles. Put the piles in order.

Your goal by the end of the day today is to: (1) have an idea what your team paper is going to argue; (2) begin determining which research will support that argument; (3) begin determining what order that research will work best. So, by the end of the day, you should have a tentative outline for your paper.

Remember, the word limit is 3,000, so you will likely have to have the courage to cut a lot of information.

As a reminder, here is the wording of the rubric

  1. The report poses a problem, question or issue with a high degree of complexity, places it in a clear and relevant context, and provides a compelling rationale for the inquiry process.
  2. The report identifies and clarifies relevant perspectives, critically evaluates the validity of arguments and conveys a clear understanding of how the reasoning is logically aligned with the conclusions of those arguments.
  3. The report effectively synthesizes evidence from multiple perspectives to build its argument.
  4. The report offers one or more well reasoned resolutions, solutions or conclusions that acknowledge consequences or implications.
  5. I believe in you. (:

Last, tonight, I need you to FINISH YOUR PAPER TONIGHT. Many of you are close to finished, but I need you to get be done. I am going to check your revision history tomorrow to make sure you spent at least 30 minutes after class today editing your paper. And many of you will need to work much longer than that. Get it done.


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