Thursday, 2/11

First of all, the PDF of your IRR should be in your folder. If you still need to do that, don’t do it right now. Use all your 37 minutes today to work with your team. But tonight, look at the directions posted earlier in the week and complete your paper so it is prepared to submit.

Second, work with your team today to prepare your paper. The goal is: tonight you should have someone outside of your group read it. Preferably, the smartest adult you know. If, by the end of class, you do not feel that your team’s paper is ready, plan on working on it after school until it IS ready. You should have a good, readable second draft by tomorrow.


Here is a translation of the rubric I handed out earlier this week.

  1. Paper has a clear research question, explains why it’s important, sets up background (not just dictionary definitions!), and explains why this research is valuable. It does much of this in the introduction.
  2. Paper will analyze a source or two in depth, (1) identifying the perspective; (2) evaluating the argument; (3) tracing the logic conclusion as it derives from the evidence. In other words, once or twice, the paper looks in-depth at an important source instead of just picking quotations here and there out of each source.
  3. Paper establishes the relevance and credibility of the sources the student has deemed crucial to his/her paper. The paper has quality evidence that is synthesized effectively.
  4. The conclusion takes a stand and tells us what the research suggests is the conclusion a reasonable person would reach. The paper clearly connects the conclusion to the research presented in the paper.
  5. Paper attributes and cites sources.
  6. Paper is written well.

Notice that 2 of the 6 parts of the rubric are your introduction and conclusion (numbers 1 and 4). 40% of your grade for this paper rests on these two parts, so take great care in making sure you follow the rubric. Spend time thinking and polishing, not just in class, but at home.


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