Wednesday, February 17

At this point, everyone should have submitted the IRR to College Board.

Your team paper should be nearly finished.

You should also have started working on your team presentation.

By Monday, 2/22, you should have your team paper converted to a PDF for me to review. Follow the same directions as you did for the IRR. Find those directions here. That means you should spend the rest of this week editing, polishing, and having others read your paper so it is the best it can be

Today, I will give you the option of working on your presentation or your paper. You will have Thursday and Friday to work on them too.

YOU ALSO HAVE HOMEWORK. Your task, by next Monday, is to read and annotate the Source Packet for the Individual Written Argument (IWA). I will hand out the packet, and you can find a PDF of the file here. READ THE ENTIRE PACKET. You might need to access the PDF to see the graphics more clearly. I will check your annotations on Monday and give you a grade in PowerSchool.

Your IWA will be a 2000 word paper and 6-8 minute presentation on the topic of your choice. That paper MUST CITE ONE OR MORE FROM THE SOURCES PACKET. So as you read, brainstorm and write down topics that arise from the source materials. We will discuss the source materials on Monday.


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