Presentation dates

See presentation dates below. Spend this week preparing and practicing presentations. ALSO this week, begin looking around Google/EBSCO at topics that you are interested in researching. Once you find a fruitful topic, try to turn that into a good question.

As you are choosing a topic/question, consider these two levels of the IWA rubric:

  • The essay identifies a complex research question, clearly articulated within the context of the source materials
  • The essay evaluates multiple perspectives and conclusions, including objections, implications, and/or limitations of each perspective.

4th period:
Grace Ralston’s group
Caleb Hindman’s group

5th period:
Max Gillmer’s group
Sophie Carter’s group

4th period
Noah Huang’s group
Finn McGuinness’s group

Caitlyn Cleary’s group
Garrett Robison’s group

4th period
Em Terrell’s group

See below for the presentation rubric Presentation rubric


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