Topic ideas for IWA

Social networking

Should the government fund HS sports? Should we drop HS sports?


Should college athletes be paid?


Nontraditional religions

Music’s role in culture

Value of education?

Value of myth/folklore?

Number theory

Wealth inequality

Disease control

Protecting native culture

Diversification vs. uniformity

Cultural diversity vs. progression –

Globalism vs. decentralization

At what point is killing animals/hunting OK?

Vegetarianism (ecological reasons for vegetarianism)

Evolution of agriculture


Importance of saving cultures (should be be obligated to save other cultures?)


Natural selection

Singer’s solution to world poverty

Teaching multilingualism in American education

Adaptive government

Ridding ethnocentrism in American education


Church and state?

Long-term vs. short-term goals in gov. regulations?

Genetically modifying plants as a mode of disease control

Environmental racism (Flint)

Feeding a growing world

Space, the final frontier

Interplanetary colonialism?

Gender and racial bias in the classroom

Domestic abuse

Portrayal of women in media (history)

Justice system reform



Solutions to global warming

How do we change people’s minds?

Global weirding?

Child labor laws /worldwide





Human trafficking

Value of pets

Boom/bust cycle of economy


Value of a free press

Civil disobedience

Scotland secede from England?

Guaranteed Basic Income

How do we make public policy? Prioritization?


Saving dwindling languages

How does language reflect cultural ideas?

How is biology intertwined with culture?

What are the effects of modern farming on the environment?

How to we improve food quality?

Is it important to foster biodiversity?

Role of religion as a societal control

Are we living in a postracial society?

Should nations share currency?

How has religion affected cultural uniqueness?

Is there something universal that ties all cultures?

Why is world hunger still not solved?

Present day indentured servitude and forced labor: has anything changed?


To what extent is American falling behind other international superpowers?

State sovereignty

Class. Class consciousness.

Will we ever have a globalized culture or language?

How can we protect salmon?

Survival of the fittest among humans/natural selection.

Has the evolution of western language diminished linguistic diversity?

Does human evolution still exist?

Effect of wage gap on society

Have we reached peak-human?

Do all languages operate under a universal grammar?

Is there a shared genetic component between living things?

Blaming the poor for their misfortunes

Cannibalism? Hmmmm?

Women’s rights


Global conformity

Short-term vs. long-term rewards

Taboos between cultures

What is currency?

How would the government reform anything? What’s the best process?

Is religion being abused?

Extent of human resolve.

Animal rights



Climate change


Ocean problems

Big data

How much scientific research is useful?

How have some people remained living as they did centuries ago?


Is individuality overrated?

How can cultures inadvertently affect each other simply by proximity?

Correlation between economics of the community and environmental sustainability

Is competition still relevant? CAPITALISM? YEEEESSSSS!!!!

What is the best form of government?

CTE? Should be ban football?


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