Presentations begin Monday

Notes on presentations:

  1. Think about what the presentation is. You have come to a conclusion about your question, and you are sharing with us the research that led to your conclusion.
  2. You have 8-10 minutes. That’s not much time
  3. Rehearse.
  4. Put as little on your slides as possible.
  5. Give attribution verbally. Don’t go into too much detail. “A study at Columbia found” or “professors at Duke discovered” or “According to The Economist” should be enough.
  6. You should also present other perspectives, and why you decided they were less important. Don’t think of that as “concessions”…rather, tell us that you considered other answers, and tell us why those answers didn’t work.
  7. Overall, though, SIMPLIFY. You can only get a small percentage of your team paper’s information into your presentation. Determine what is most important, and present it in an interesting way.

Remember, too, that I will ask you each one follow-up question from this list.

Last, review the rubric one more time. Below, you will see what the rubric looks for in a good presentation. This is how I will score your presentations for the College Board.

task 1.3 rubric

Last, before you begin working on your presentation, please fill out this short questionnaire.


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