Notes from presentations today

Many people went too long. Presentations are supposed to be 6-8 minutes. Plan accordingly.

Include reference to one of the stimulus materials.

Make sure your fonts are large enough to read.

Cite your sources in your presentation, either in the text of the PowerPoint, or verbally. Don’t just do it at the end.

Watch what you’re doing with your arms and legs.

Remind yourself of the rubric:

  • The presentation uses minimal (or no) notes or written script to effectively convey the material. The presentation establishes connections between the spoken and the visual.
  • Effective techniques of media design enhance the oral presentation.
  • Communication strategies (e.g., eye contact, vocal variety & energy, expressive gestures, movement), coupled with an effective execution of those strategies, strongly support the communication of the argument.
  • Spoken and visual cues clearly convey the organization of the presentation.
  • The presentation identifies the argument and clearly situates the student’s research within the larger context
  • The presentation makes a cohesive argument, showing in detail how the evidence supports the claims. The presentation analyzes information and evidence gathered from sources and explains in detail why the evidence supports the argument.
  • The presentation incorporates synthesizes and interprets evidence from various perspectives and correctly cites sources (orally or visually) including at least one provided source and outside source material to develop and support the argument.
  • The argument presents resolutions, conclusions, and/or solutions that are unambiguously linked to evidence and fully address the research question.
  • The response provides evidence of active and purposeful discrimination among sources based on both their relevance and credibility.
  • The response provides evidence of rich understanding of the connectedness of research to both prior and future research and real-world consequences.

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