Week of May 23-May 27

Your goal for this week is to do more research and develop an interesting and possibly researchable question for next year’s paper (whether you will be in the class or not). This question should be at the top of your paper. Then, you should have an annotated bibliography of at least three VERY useful sources related to this question.

References should be in APA format.

File should be in your Capstone folder in Google Drive.

ALSO, please read the following message from the College Board:

Dear AP Seminar/AP Research Student:

The College Board is conducting a study of the AP Capstone program’s operational launch in a sample of 34 participating schools.

Because you are enrolled in the AP Seminar or AP Research course, you are an essential part of this effort. Please tell us about your AP Seminar/AP Research experiences in this survey. We expect this survey will take about 20 minutes to complete.

The survey will be available until Wednesday, June 1.

Thank you,

Sarah Leonard
Director, Research and Analysis, AP Program Management

  1. Emily Asplin
  2. Ava Beck
  3. Emily Greene
  4. Noah Huang
  5. Noah Jones
  6. Rebecca Meekhof
  7. Sage Miner
  8. Patrick Naylor
  9. Marjorie Rodgers
  10. Joshua Stewart
  11. Claire Stromberg
  12. Emerlynne Terrell
  13. Zoe Brown
  14. Caitlin Cleary
  15. Veronica Greer
  16. Benjamin Read
  17. Alexandria Sowers
  18. Alexandra Vilar

Here is a survey for AP Seminar students: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/KYZNX85.


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