What is Capstone?

It is a two-year research and writing class. I teach the class both years.

Junior year has three components

  1. Group research paper (3000 words) and presentation
  2. Individual research paper (2000 words) and presentation
  3. AP test in May

Senior year has only one component

  1. Individual research paper with consultant (5000 words)

Why should I take it?

If you pass both years’ tests and pass 4 other AP tests, you earn a “Capstone” designation on your diploma and it looks good to colleges.

You want to get better at writing and research.

You have a powerful curiosity, and you want to become an “expert” on a few self-chosen subjects.

Previous students have had good things to say about the course. Read their testimonials here.

Is there a lot of homework?

No. I hate homework. You may have work to do at home (some research and writing on your own), but I try to give you enough time in the library to do most of your work at school.

What kind of credit is it?

Your junior year class counts for your senior social studies credit. That means you don’t have to take social studies (e.g. Civics/CWA) your senior year.

However, you do still have to take a junior social studies credit. About 2/3 of my students this year are taking APUSH this year, and 1/3 have decided to take it as seniors. Some have also decided to take American Studies online.

Is this class for everyone?

There are prerequisites.
1. You must have a 3.2 GPA.
2. You must also take AP English Language during your junior year.

However, if you are the kind of student who likes to learn, can work hard, and meets deadlines, this class, in conjunction with your AP English class next year, will absolutely prepare you for any writing task.

How do I find out more?

Come see me in room 021.

Ask people who are in the class now what they think.


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