Monday, March 28

Some students may not be happy with the current grade for the draft in the gradebook. If you would like me to look at your paper again tomorrow, I will, and I wall average your current grade and your grade tomorrow. This is your last chance to raise the first draft grade. I will be giving your draft another grade at the end of the week. FYI: the quarter ends in six school days.

The goal today–edit your own paper.

That means:

  • have an acceptable introduction and conclusion
  • put your references at the end of your document (remove annotations)
  • format the document properly
  • read the entire RUBRIC (see previous post)
  • read your entire document, making changes as necessary.

I expect to see a full, acceptable SECOND DRAFT at the beginning of class tomorrow.


Rubric for IWA

This is how your IWA will be scored. PLEASE READ THIS before you begin your draft to make sure you are addressing the rubric. Reminder: the paper limit is 2000 words.

Understanding and Analyzing Context
The essay identifies a complex research question, clearly articulated within the context of the source materials.

Understanding and Analyzing Perspective
The essay evaluates multiple perspectives and conclusions, including objections, implications, and/or limitations of each perspective.

Selecting and Using Evidence
The argument interprets and synthesizes evidence from a wide range of sources.

Analyzing and Evaluating Evidence
The essay distinguishes well among various pieces of evidence in terms of their relevance and credibility.

Building and Communicating an Argument
The argument is logically organized, well‐reasoned, and complex. The argument presents resolutions, conclusions, and/or solutions that are unambiguously linked to evidence and fully address the research question.

Building and Communicating Argument
The essay clearly and convincingly links claims and evidence and includes insights drawn from the connections between them.

Selecting and Using Evidence
The argument appears to accurately attribute and cite all sources used. The bibliography includes all referenced sources, and is consistent and complete in citation elements.

Grammar and Style
The report contains few flaws in grammar or style and clearly communicates to the reader.

The Ides of March

First of all, name your assignment “IWA Annotated Bibliography” and make sure it’s in your shared portfolio folder.

Second, by the end of the day tomorrow, please have 7-12 topic sentences written for your paper. These should be sentences that describe what the each paragraph will be about. Label the document “IWA Topic Sentences.”

Tuesday, March 8

Please continue working on your annotated bib for Monday. See the link above for examples.

You should have at least 12 sources, and your references should be in APA format. Annotations do not need to be long, but they need to be useful to you. Hold your thinking about the sources, so your annotated bib becomes not just a hoop to jump through, but a useful document for you.

Hannah and Jordan, I need your sleep journal for Colton.

Practice Thursday, 3/3

We will continue with the same group from yesterday. We had some absences yesterday that were a surprise. If you are going to be gone, you must let a coach know BEFORE practice.

We also had some C team members missing yesterday. Remember: the SFCC bus picks up at 2:40 in front of the Field House on 4th Avenue, bus 502. If you need help figuring out which bus is which, let me know and I will help you. If you need to contact me by text, all you have to do is respond to my Remind text.

I have contact SFCC, and I will let you know soon whether nets will be up today.

Here is the plan for today. Again, all players who were at Hart yesterday will be at Hart again today, other than the five players who are at state (good luck!).

If you are named on this list, and cannot make it to practice today, please let me know IMMEDIATELY.

These are not challenge matches.

After a ten-minute warm-up on each court

Pro-set to 6, no ad. Winner play winner

Pro-set to 6, no ad. Winner play winner
Bierman/Ganji vs. Lenhart/Burg
Bond-Gledhill/Johnson vs. Park/Wardwell

Pro-set to 6, no ad—winner play winner
Spurlock  vs. Simmons
Haghighi vs. Harding

Pro-set to 6, no ad—winner play winner
Schoultz/Sauberan vs. Ilinca/Monica
Bayley/Penna vs. Powers-Beggs x 2

2 more courts–all other players from yesterday
1 ball machine
1 instructional court with Coach Flaherty

Presentation videos

Farley, McGovern, Campbell, Robison:

Sowers, Kinsella, Greer, and Gillmer:

Stewart, Miner, Beck, Hindman, Greene:

Bailey, Stromberg, Ralston:

Naylor, Huang, Meekhoff, Jones, Caruso:

Steinbach, Asplin, Rodgers, Williams, McGuinness:

Haines, Derby, Vilar, Cleary:

Blake, Read, Carter, Brown:

Terrell, Anderson, Kindl, Mangum-Turner: