How Capstone helps in life and stuff: The following quotations were taken from current Capstone students. They were not paid for their endorsements.

“During junior year, in class argument essays are a main focus. Capstone helps prepare us for those essays by giving us more techniques to use and more practice.”

“This class gives me good exposure to large research papers that I will see in college.”

“This class has helped me in my speaking skills. More practice leads to more improvement, and this class definitely give you practice.”

“I have learned a lot about developing a research paper, as well as how to use sources, talk in front of class mates and communicate my ideas through research and a well-rounded argument.”

“It has helped me with recognizing good and bad writing techniques and how to be clear with my writing.”

“I have learned how to write a research paper and use credible sources to support my argument.”

“This class gives you plenty of class time to work on stuff and collaborate with your peers to make your arguments stronger and your papers better.”

“This class has helped me by broadening my research process, in the sense that I now can sift through large pieces of text and discover what is necessary for my research topic. This class has also helped strengthen my writing style and endurance”

“This class has given me the chance to do some projects with less boundaries. I feel too boxed in all of my other classes.”

“This class has forced me to pay more attention to the news. I really value that! I have learned about many issues in the world… This class has given me the opportunity to look outside of my personal view point.”

“I think this class is excellent preparation for the college environment. Preparing yourself for future presentations you’ll have to do is a big deal. It takes the anxiety away from public speaking.”

“I think it’s important for learning to write college research papers. This class has helped solidify my writing capabilities.”

“This class has helped me get a better grasp on how to research and what to look for. It has helped me improve my overall writing and how to make better and stronger connections in a piece of writing.”

“The lack of restriction regarding the topics of inquiry allows for a project that is enjoyable as opposed to tedious.” We get class time to work so it doesn’t add too much to the outside work load.

“This class has helped me learn what I’m passionate about and where my interests are… It has also helped me to realize what I need to be successful in groups and on my own.”

“I have learned a lot about developing a research paper, as well as how to use sources, talk in front of classmates and communicate my ideas through research and a well-rounded argument.”

“I feel that during the summer I forget all of my writing strategies but with this class I feel that I have made more progress than any years before.”

~from Mr. Woodard’s TA this year (Anna B.) ~ “This fall I had to write several college application essays and scholarship application essays. I feel that my writing skills are strong but mostly for in class writes because junior year that’s all we did with the exception of one synthesis essay. I wish a class like Capstone had been offered when I was a junior so that I could have strengthened my formal writing skills and my editing and research skills rather than just taking AP English and learning to write an essay in 40 minutes.”



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